Customer Centered Cloud C3 Storage

We built a cloud storage environment that was focused on meeting the ever changing needs of the customer with our C3 Storage.

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Your files were meant to be shared with who you want. We have multiple options for spreading the .

Embedded Viewer

Easily view your videos and images within the browser without the need to download.


Password protect any file you intend to share out. Your data is always encrypted in the .


Registration is Free and you have lifetime access to your files with a generous 50GB of storage.


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Embedded Viewer

View your images, photos, videos and audio files with the built in viewer.

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Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature limits light emitted by device screens saving your eyes and battery life....Plus it just looks cool!

Dark Mode Light Mode
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Share With Others

Share your files securely with your friends and family to enjoy with our share links.


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"Extremely easy to use! Love all the features especially the password-protected sharing."

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"MyMegaCloud allows our family to safely store and share our videos and pictures with each other - all without paying a dime!"

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"Best free cloud storage site in 2020."

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